Base of Brading war memorial 2016

Catalogue Number: MP 1132
Copyright Owner: Brading Community Archive Group (Andrew Culley)

South face of the base of Brading War Memorial at St Mary’s Church, taken July 2016.

War Memorial base 2016

The picture below is the West Face.

memorial west face

West face names: Ernest C Baker (R.N), Ernest W Fowler (R.N), Harry Hinks (R.N), Robert J Sheath (R.N), John F A Wodehouse, George H Abbott, Jesse H Barton, William F Brett, Frederick Butcher, Percy Cawdell Cleal.

The picture below is the North face.

memorial north face

North face names: Frank J Dowden, Gervase Fardell, George Fry, Luke Harbour, Ernest H Harmsworth, Harry Hawkins, Joseph Jackson, William Jackson, Edwin H Jacobs, William Johnson, Walter Joy, Frederick J Pink.

The picture below is the East face.

memorial east face

East face names:

George Price, George H Pryke, Arthur Silsbury, Victor Street, Harold Taylor, Ivan J Taylor, Frank Wheway, H Luther Wickens, Ellis Williams, Frederick R Willis, Donald Wright, Victor Wright.

For the second world war 1939-1945 the following names were added to the plinth:

William J Gordon Black, David Alan Dadswell, William Joseph Deacon, Desmond Eastman, Lawrence Desmond Eldridge, Leslie Norman Harrison, Charles Henry James Huck, Edward Herbert Humber, Frederick C Legge, Roy Finlay, Bernard Smith, Charles Sprack, Richard Francis Stay, John Washington, Percival A H, Woodmore, Denys Woodmore, John Henry Wright.