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Molly Pewsey

Molly Pewsey taught history at Sandown High School but in her spare time was Brading’s unofficial local historian. She collected photographs, documents and built a large collection of tape recordings of the memories of older Brading residents. Molly was often to be found in the Primary School at Brading helping to teach local children to read.

After their retirements Molly and her husband John worked tirelessly supporting Brading and its community. Just before her death in 2014, Molly bequeathed her collection of heritage documents to Cathy Mills, who had just retired after many years as Brading’s Town Clerk.

Cathy consulted with Dr Ruth Waller on what should be done with Molly’s archive and how there was now no-one working on Brading’s heritage. The result was the creation of BCAG in partnership with the Brading Town Trust and Brading Town Council. Molly’s collection has now been donated to the Town Council.

Molly Pewsey

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