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Town Trust

Town Trust was originally formed in 1898 to administer the affairs of the Borough property. Over the years the Trustees have changed as have their duties, but the Town Trust is still very active within the community. The Trust is now a registered charity with it’s affairs administered by five Trustees.

Old Town HallThe Trust History

The corporation of Brading was dissolved in 1886 brought about by the Municipal corporation Act of 1883. As a result of the dissolution, nine prominent business people in 1898 were elected to administer the affairs of the Borough property. Before this date, the towns affairs were administered by two Bailiffs elected yearly in October and thirteen Jurats. In 1835 these officers were assisted by two Justices, two Constables, a Steward, deputy steward and a Hayward. The duty of the bailiffs, who composed the working body of the corporation, was to keep records, give orders to the constables and to receive all revenues and make all payments due from the corporation. During this period, the justices appeared to have no powers except to have been in attendance at the meetings at which bailiffs and constables were elected. The constables managed the town lockup and Stocks.

The steward, who held office for life and was chosen at a meeting of the corporation, had no duty beyond that of presiding once a year at the court at which the officers were sworn in. The deputy steward who was elected in the same way as the steward also held office for life but had additional duties as judge of the court of leet and made out a list of jurymen for the constables. At the court leet, the constables and hayward were elected, weights and measures inspected, nuisances presented and fines imposed. The jury of the court leet, under the name jurats formed an integral part of the corporation and were selected from the householders of the town. The hayward had the management of the town Pound and received a small sum from the party concerned whenever he turned the key.

The Trust Today

The present Trustees (five in number) administer the affairs of the Trust with a diligence and conscientiousness of which their predecessors would have been proud. Over the last five years money has been spent and grants made (all for the good of Brading) which amounts to a larger sum of money given than at any previous time in the Trust’s history. The Trustees are served by a Clerk who keeps the books and attends to the day to day running of the Trust business.

The schedule of properties which include the old and new Town Halls, the Town Pound, Bull Ring, car park and Beechgrove fields (recently purchased), is being made into parkland and nature area to be held in perpetuity for the people of Brading and is vested in the Official Trustee of Charity Lands (The Charity Commissioners) to whom the Trustees are ultimately accountable.

The Trust now own property and investments which if looked after and administered properly by those who will have the honour to act as Trustees in the future, will serve the Town well and long may it continue.


New Town Hall

The new town hall

Town Pound

The town pound

Old town hall

The old town hall from Quay Lane

The Stocks

The Stocks at the old Town Hall

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