Brading methodist church postcard c. 1920

Catalogue Number: MP 1133
Copyright Owner: Brading Town Council

The Methodist Church in New Road was originally the Bible Christian Chapel.

Methodist Church 1920

The Bible Christian Society was introduced to the Island in 1823 by Mary Toms who founded a Society in Brading the same year. She married a Brading man, William Warder, and in 1837 in rented premises in West Street they opened Warder’s Chapel. The present Church was built in 1867 on what was then the edge of the town on a difficult sloping site, but this enabled a main hall currently seating 60 at road level and a hall underneath. Following Methodist union in 1932, the Bible Christian Chapel became known as the Methodist Chapel.

During the Second World War the hall was used as an army canteen, but the ensuing years brought dwindling attendance and the Church was closed after 100 years in 1967. Soon after however new Christian residents obtained permission for a DIY scheme to restore and re-open the Church. The lower hall was re-opened in 1970 and the Church, at road level, was re-dedicated in 1972 following total renovation.