BTT 1450 Valuation Book 1894 page 44

Catalogue Number: BTT 1450
Copyright Owner: Brading Town Trust

BTT 1450 Valuation Book (rate book) 1894 page 44

BTT 1450 Valuation List 1894 page 44 (click to view/download)

BTT 1450 Valuation List 1894 pg44
Names (Occupier and Owner):
Burcham, Coleman, Ivens, Gibbon, Cantelo, Chamberlain, Hatcher, Price, Bull, Lacey, Whitlock, Turnel, Spanner, Sawdden, Rackett, Shilling, Cluett, Collins, Barnes, Young, Rogers, Woodham, Dashwood.
Name of property or situation:
Lake, Cliff Terrace, Newcomen Road, Newcomen Terrace, Brownlow Road, Sandown Road, Havering, Lake Villa Farm, Lake Farm.