BTT1008 Bailiffs and Burgesses Book 1643 – 1690

Catalogue Number: BTT 1008
Copyright Owner: Brading Town Trust

BTT1008 dummy cover

This book has been compiled as 223 pages running from the front with the first entry on Apr 1643 to the last on Oct 1679, it has also been inverted and compiled using 173 pages from the back starting at Nov 1643 to May 1690. It has been scanned and transcribed as two files: the 223 front pages and the 173 back pages.

To view the PDF file of the front pages, document BTT1008A, click this link > book 3A pages 1-223 1643-1679 BTT1008A

To view the PDF file of the rear pages, document BTT1008B, click this link > book 3B pages 1-173 1643-1691 BTT1008B