Hospital Sunday banner at exhibition

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Copyright Owner: Brading Town Trust

Hospital Sunday banner at BCAG exhibition 18th November 2017 in Town Hall. Photos asset BCA 05, 3 photos. Banner is Asset BTT 1001/1.

hospital sunday banner

Banner and exhibition display. Photos copyright Brading Community Archive Group (Andrew Culley).

BCAG exhibition

View of the exhibition from the stage. The largest exhibit was the 9-feet square Hospital Sunday Banner, seeing the light of day for the first time in nearly 80 years.

In the 1927 parade £34 1s. 9d. was collected in the roads, £9 11s. 3d. in Brading Church, £6 14s. 7d. in Yaverland, £1 9s. 2d. in Alverstone, while the sports day and dance raised £7 17s. 6d., giving a total of £59 14s 3d. The expenses were 10s. 6d. so that £59 3s. 9d. was handed to the Hospital (source: The Isle of Wight County Press).

The photo below is taken at the June 15-16 2019 Exhibition at the Youth Club.

Hospital Sunday banner