Town Charter of 1547

Catalogue Number: BCA 02
Copyright Owner: Brading Town Trust

Brading Town Charter of 1547 (Asset BTT 1438). Object in the care of Brading Town Trust.

Town Charter of 1547

For a high-quality scan of this document click here:

BCA 02 Brading Town Charter BTT 1438

For images of the seal box for its wax seal click here:

BCA 02 BTT 1438 Seal Box

For a two-page English translation of the Charter done by the Rev Heath in 1849 (Asset BTT 1439) click here:

BCA 02 BTT 1439 page 1 BCA 02 BTT 1439 page 2

For a transcription of the English translation click here:

BTT1439 Rev Heath’s transcription of 1547 Charter