The gun shed in 1983 before restoration

Catalogue Number: MP 1058
Copyright Owner: Brading Town Council

The picture shows the Gun Shed in St Mary’s churchyard in 1983 before restoration.

MP1058 Gun shed 1983

Brading gun

The Brading Gun was given to the town by King Edward VI in 1549 to defend the eastern end of the Island against French raids. The shed, 17th century in origin, was restored in 1983 with funds by Brading Town Council, Miss E.G. Black and Miss D.E. Jarman (refer to MP 1131).

The Gun is currently located at the Coach House in Nunwell House. The gun bears the inscription “John & Robery Qwine brethren, made this Pease 1549, Breardynge, having been presented to the Late Sir Henry Oglander, bart”. ‘Ye Gun’ is 5-6 feet in length and set on a wooden base and was last fired in 1832 on Brading Down, when the local inhabitants fired a salute at the passing of the Great Reform Bill. Unfortunately, the barrel split. Of the five Owen brother’s guns surviving today, one was recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose.